Tuesday, January 26, 2010

End of January 2010

"Ya Allah, You took them from us. We love them so much, but You love them more. Please let they be among the Mukmin. Amin"

My grand's mother passed away, my father's grand also passed away, Catbum my girl's cat,  my own grandfather and also Sultan Johor which the only person who doesn't have anything to do with me :) I have experienced on how people handle corpse and hopefully I can learn it more in the future.

My club are now working on Putrajaya Night Marathon, 42KM. Every evening we try to maintain our cadence for at least 6km/h. Our trainer, of course it will be Mat Black, our expertise in long distance running. Plus, he is specially imported from overseas.

"jangan main-main."

I am now preparing myself for Towerthon and also Triathlon this March. Taking stairs every evening after sport parade maybe not enough for the 421m KL Tower climb but hopefully it can prepare my leg bit by bit for the climb and also I have just asked Chan to help me upgrade my Bic's group sets. A lot of money will be spend this 3 months. Phew, hope i can manage my finance properly.

Soon 9th Feb will have a test for Statistic. Better for me to maintain on understanding all the topics and do all the assignments and exercise by myself. I want a better CPA this semester. It's for my own good.

"Kang silap2 xleh g IM11 tahun depan kang :S" 

2 semester should be enough to boost up my CGPA, hopefully.

few pics:


Training Marathon Kaki Bukit Kinabalu - Bkt Besi 7km pegi blk X 3 round and Sic Cycle fest kat Sepang Circuit, 1st experienced main kat satu2nya litar bentuk camtu kat Dunia. Bangga :D

Tn Sham = Tn Khatib :D

Excited cause finally manage to solve the rubic cube puzzle. Piece of Cake! This picture is my 9th time I solve the rubic. Hehe :P

Thank You.

Monday, January 11, 2010

On Duty

I am on duty today. During sport parade, I have been pick randomly by the staff for having a urine test. They want to check either we were using any drug illegally. Qayyum, one of the UPNM tri team, my junior, he also in the group. While waiting, we were joking about the result with other friends. For the smokers, the doctor might find drugs in their urine but for triathletes? PowerBar! PowerGel, Bean, all of those power2 thingy :P Hahaha

At the end of the test, I looked at my watch, its 1817. Damned i am late. I need to attend the guard dismount at 1830. Normally we prepared in front of the academic block at 1815. I ran as quick as I can back to my block, ran up to the 9th floor, change parade from sport shirt to service attire, ran down and continued running to the academic block. 1823, 6 minutes!! It seem like 21K run training shows good result :D

Yesterday, UPNM Tri Team were having a 21Km running. We just ran from downhill Kinabalu to Iron Hill for 3 loops. Mat Black were the one who coaching the training session. I admit he is great with this. His appearances does look like a pro from overseas that came to Malaysia and applied to become a cadet officer at UPNM :P but he is not (of course). There will be a Marathon 30Km race this sunday, 17 Jan 2010 at Padang Merbuk, KL. This is my first time in running at this kind of distance and I hope that I can finish the race without any injuries.

Thank You.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Common title for most every blogger and me, myself, especially during the first month of the year. 2010, I thought it will be the most history year of me since I am targeting to do my IRONMAN but lack of preparations that make me holding the dream. 2011 might be the year, but still it all depends on my preparation and also my CGPA. Damned it was too low and yes it was all my fault. I met Sir Syed yesterday after the battalion's dinner and we were having conversations about my degree. One of the things that I really agree with him is that   

"Make your reading time as your rest time".

I agree, I do rest a lot. I am lazy? Maybe or Yes but one thing for sure i need to change and it still not too late for me to do it starting this semester. Religion, Study, Sport, Love, Money and Time, this are all need to be arrange wisely. I will maintain this blog time by time and hopefully it can help me in accomplishing all my missions.

Thank You.