Monday, October 31, 2011

PowerMan To Be

2nd Trial for my Bike Fit.
Taught by Chan Jun Shen.

Less than 2 weeks will going to be my race for Powerman. Today early in the morning, our UPNM club officially started our training and I still haven't plan any training program yet. We just followed like the previous training we did for MUDS but still it need to be centralized.

I'm planning:
Morning - Cycle with 30 minutes session and brick afterwards for 20-30 minutes.
Evening - Running since UPNM track will pack with students jogging around the campus making us hard to cycle along the road.

still need to discuss everything with my teammates. Will do it by this evening.

My running coach from adination Shah Alam, Syahidan Alias post a song, to me a very inspirational songs sang by Bruno Mars - Today My Life Begin.

Bruno Mars is my favorite singer and he sing all songs that he wrote by himself, same like Taylor Swift who also one of my favorite singer. This song has brighten my day. Hope you'll feel the same too. Cheers. 

Thank You.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

My First Football Jersey

I dont play football cause I don't love one. Even in my family, I'm the only one who doesn't care about football like others did until I met the girl in my life. So, I named this jersey with our combination name and the number 1 symbolize for my 1st time winning 1st place during MUDS 2011 last two weeks. Watching football game was my dream since primary school and my father promised to bring the 3 of us (me-2nd and 3rd) to watch football at Shah Alam Stadium but he just too busy with his job. We did understand his situation, working hard to raise our big family.

Nice font, good material with great color *Malaysia* This is my new T90 Nike football jersey and I'll be wearing this during our inter-faculty tournament tomorrow. By the way, I play as a midfielder not a goalkeeper. 

Match between Kedah and Selangor. Kedah won .
I felt less sad maybe because you were around :)

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

After a long silent Months

Too lazy to update. Months past back, I have my industrial training at May till early August. That was my first experience living in engineer's life, doing industrial jobs, learnt how to communicate with clients and staffs. So many experience to be share, finding a house for rent, since the job place are quite far from home in Shah Alam, borrowing my junior's motorcycle for transport and so many civilian things. I faced 9 road blocks for riding a 'hot stuff' Yamaha 125 despite not having motorcycle license. My training during the industrial training with Adination Shah Alam made me and Amirul improved a lot in our running skills. The team is coached by Syahidan Alias, one of the Adidas Runner Team. I manage to do my PB during Standard Chartered KL Marathon with timing of 3:33:26, placing no 53 out of thousand participants.

Showing the banner we did for completing SCKLM 2011 inspired by Syafidan Alias

After finished industrial training, camp life came back after 2 months plus living outside in civilian life. It was fasting month in August and training just keep on continued like nothing had happen. We march, we do all those physical training stuffs and sports training like we're not fasting at all. This how military train us to be. Always prepare in every kind of situations possible. There's no reason to be weak just because you are fasting. During night we trained according to our training program as preparations for MUDS after Raya Festival. For almost 2 month we trained for MUDS, running on the field, uphill, cycling, intervals and core training. This year UPNM will be one of the organizer since we've perform so well during last year event with Chan entitled as Duathlete of the year 2010. 

Me - Chan - Mirul - Amad
This year mission, we want to conquer all those 4 trophies, Duathlete of the year Man, Woman, Best University and Top University. First leg in our home ground, UPNM, we loss to Ong Wei Xiang and Gan Chau from UTM with Chan, Mirul and  Mizi in 3rd - 4th and 5th placing. I manage to get 8th placing right behind Edan, my running coach and Tuan Farid, senior in UPNM Endurance Club. Right before I crossed the finishing line, I just realize that Ain were around supporting me like crazy. I thought that she'll be going back to Kampung and didn't have chance to visit me during my event. As always, she love to do surprise appearance during my events. Thank you dear love for coming by and I'm sorry for not winning any medal that day. 

Second leg was in UPM. I need to harder my training program since I didn't do well during last event. I did my CTS training program suggested by Chan. Its a very good program and can be done indoor and outdoor. I just bought a new bicycle trainer and new meter with cadence by using my yearly bonus. I don't mind spending my money just to perform well in my event. I want improvement, no more no 6 (Last year I got 6th place in all three series of MUDS 2010). I trained night and days, on the field and  A day before UPM, I have several flu. I don't want to be caught by fever at time like this. Quickly went to RSAT to get medicine and vitamins. I ate double vitamins C at that night just to cure myself from flu. On the next morning, I felt a little bit better. 

That time, my girlfriend really cant make it to the event, but its fine with me since abang Alang was there to support me. During the event, I ran behind the front pack and maintain the distance. During bike course we manage to O-group with our team, working together until managed to chase the front pack. The last hill of UPM track was a killer for me. I was separated 50m behind. Continued with running course, again like last year, I've miscount and finished the race with 6th placing (AGAIN). Earlier, I thought I was on the 5th placing. Sad.

Sad after knowing my place

Final Leg gap in two weeks unlike the two series gap for a week because UM were having their convocation on the next week. Two weeks time inspired me to train even harder. This time I want to break my fear on hilly track. I don't want to loose again. This might be my last year of doing MUDS with UPNM since I am now in my final year. So, I want to at least got 1 medal for me. Actually I want to make it as a birthday gift to my brother, Alang Bendahara. For a week and a half, I do hilly cycle training, Up and Down, Up and Down at RMC hill. Time improving day by day. All those pain I had during training, I just hold myself to stand with it. Chan always said that "Good Rider always counter their pain".

With My Ride

This time I'm bringing you along Bukit Cinta so that I wont fall in love with the hill when looking at you :D

D-Day in UM, the final leg, I change plan to register under men open. I thought of winning this event but after knowing that 2 elite athletes from Sg Udang will be joining too in the same category, I just pray to God and felt sorry if I've accidentally been greedy. Not to worry with my training program, I just planned to finish the race not far behind this 2 commandos. There were 2 loops of running, 2 loops of cycling and 2 loops of running again after cycling. 1st loop the elites were front but not too far. There were so fast, even Ong Wei Xiang was running beside me. During 2nd loop, I can keep up with the commandos and Ong was speeding front. 

Just before the transition area, I manage to catch up with Chan and Amirul, and we all came in the transition area at the same time. Their transition was so fast making me couldn't catch up with them anymore. 1st loop, still can see Amirul Chan and Mizi in front pack with Ong chassing behind. Right before the last hill of 1st loop cycle, Ong slowing down, making me in front of him together with Haziq and Kicap. I felt great during my hill cycle and didn't felt any pain. Maintain with the current placing, I continued to finish the 2 loops round before realize that I was the 1st men open to arrive the finishing line. It is so great for me to finally get the medal that I've been training for all this time. I ran to Mirul and Chan, hugging them, saying thousands of thank you. Sir Anand and Chan's father was so happy for me and I've made them proud. I can't believe myself beating the two elites that i was afraid earlier.

Men University 1st - Men Open 1st - Powerbar Duathlete of The Year 2011

Men Open - Mine, Men University - Amirul

A bit sorry for myself because I didn't have the chances to get a prize when my best two supporters are around. Happy Belated Birthday Abang Lang. Dear Love thank you for keep on supporting me all this time. I love you. Thank you to Chan and Amirul, my training buddy for always taught me in improving all my performances and my coach, Syahidan Alias for introducing me to a good running program Not to forget Lim Shimri for lending me you rim bicycle when I have problem with my Xero Lite, staf Jasmi, UPNM coach for all the training programs that been organized so well and not to forget all who I didn't mention here. Without you all inside me, my mind will be silent, no rush for me to push myself to the limit. 

4 Tri Paku - 2 Sg Udang - 1 UPNM - 3 Sg Udang - 4 UM

4 UTM - 2 - 1 - 3 - 5 (UPNM)

With our Club Advisor, Coach and all the 4 trophies we had won. Mission Accomplished!

Thank You so so much for reading all of this. Next event will Perak Suunto Orienteering Competition at Perak right before PowerMan Duathlon event. Till the next post.