Thursday, September 2, 2010

D-2 Before Raya Holiday

It's D-2 before raya holiday. It's weird cause these year I didn't felt (x sabar) to back home. Lepak2 sahaja. I just finished my Electromagnetic Field (EMF) test #1 and last Monday done with Analog and Mandarin test. Coming for tomorrow morning, another 2 more assignments to be submit and I just settled doing 1 only. hehe (sempat lagi nak blog tuh)

Surprised I heard about IP Man 3, released all ready? really that fast? Few back months the IP Man 2 were released in the Cinema. Seems like it's a very favorite movie for a lot of people.

 Ohoo have to go now. Maybe I'll do the writing assignment this early morning and sneak doing it during analog class hour maybe :P (Pandai2la kan) Till next then, bye, salam.

This year Raya will be eating Kek Sarawak 3 Rasa and Pudina!! hehe and Im still planning for my training this holiday. Where is the suitable places to ride?

Thank You.