Thursday, November 17, 2011

Powerman Maiden got 11th placing

Alhamdulillah (Thank You God), I got 11th placing, almost Top 10, just 1 minute behind Chan who's in 10th placing. Congratulation to Amirul who manage to get Top 6, proud of you man! I'm so excited when writing this blog. I don't expect anything high but just want to do the best that I can make in my first Powerman. For 2 months I trained, including the MUDS training just for this Powerman. I'm glad it finished with a satisfying result. Thank you to all especially my buddy Chan, Amirul and Amad for always be my greatest inspiration to keep on training and never give up. Not to forget my family, abang Alang, teammates and friends that always wishes for the best before and during the event. Thats all I can share for now.

Thank You.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Officially Powerman

Back from Powerman event at Manjung last Sunday. Admin currently busy with 2 tests of Data Communication and Digital Communication. All report will be updated soon after finished all of this stuff. Do pray for me.

Thank You.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

PowerMan To Be #2

Taken during cycle training to Putrajaya. Very easy to find me.

10 more days before D-Day of Powerman. 3days left for strength + hard training then 1 day break for Raya Haji, 3 days for brick training and left will be my taper period. I know taper should be a week but I'm lacking of time. I need to train before this Powerman distance, 11km Run - 64km Bicycle - 10km Run. This is my first Powerman. Unlike previous years, I didn't have the chance to participate because the date always clashed with final exams. I know nothing about the road, the weather, what it's look like to run bike run in a long distance. MUDS is a sprint event and has a short distance rather than this. 

Can I survive? Will I suffer during the bike course? What happen running 10km after the bike course? Will I finish it strong? 4 years of being a multisport athlete still I don't have all this confident. Maybe I'll just do this for fun, gain experience and will try harder next time? Nope I don't want to do that. Plus I don't want to be left far behind from my teammates especially Chan and Amirul. So, they are my strength now, my courage to keep on training in this short period. 

Just now I read one of my runner sister's blog and she felt unhappy with people who just can't accept her achievement. Although I don't really know the truth story about it, but I can barely understand the situation based on her second updated post, about her experienced during last event of Half Marathon. She did well and manage to achieve her PB *Personal Best. For me, she deserve it cause she didn't skip her training, calculated her pace and have good target also she did plan very well for things she have to eat and drinks during event. Yes she deserve it after all her hard works.

Friends are friends, always supporting theirs without care if the truth were correct or wrong. 

I've been up once and down back to the basic after knee injuries. After recovered, I started back training. All the persons who are behind me before, now is leaving me behind. I don't blame them, in fact I did make it as a positive encouragement for me to keep on training and never give up. Train smart and slowly I manage to pace with them back. Never make other's achievement a treat for us, make it as a courage for us to keep on training. That is all wise thing I guess I can say for now. I realize that I've use so many "keep on" words here, so I hope it will be my prayer and will help me during event. InsyaAllah.

As my appreciation for your time spent, I want to share to you about core training that I learnt from Kannan Murugasan, the Ultraman Malaysia finisher. I think the only Ultraman finisher that Malaysia has. Correct me if I'm wrong. 

Leaning on the wall

1. Find a flat wall
2. Lean on the wall with your back
3. Lower your leg until it curved almost 90 degree.
4. Make sure your knee not crossing the tip of your toe.
5. Try to hold for a minute. (The longer you can hold, the better)
6. Stand up straight and rest a minute.
7. Try again for second sets.(make it minimum 2 sets or more)

Doesn't need trainer ball to do this, just wall. Free and effective.
Your leg will be the same like he did and knee not crossing the tip of his shoe/toe.

This training will help you strengthen you leg and try to do this in a week. You'll feel the different on your leg during you next training. This will help you to improve your running and also cycling performance. All the best guys.

Thank You.

Monday, October 31, 2011

PowerMan To Be

2nd Trial for my Bike Fit.
Taught by Chan Jun Shen.

Less than 2 weeks will going to be my race for Powerman. Today early in the morning, our UPNM club officially started our training and I still haven't plan any training program yet. We just followed like the previous training we did for MUDS but still it need to be centralized.

I'm planning:
Morning - Cycle with 30 minutes session and brick afterwards for 20-30 minutes.
Evening - Running since UPNM track will pack with students jogging around the campus making us hard to cycle along the road.

still need to discuss everything with my teammates. Will do it by this evening.

My running coach from adination Shah Alam, Syahidan Alias post a song, to me a very inspirational songs sang by Bruno Mars - Today My Life Begin.

Bruno Mars is my favorite singer and he sing all songs that he wrote by himself, same like Taylor Swift who also one of my favorite singer. This song has brighten my day. Hope you'll feel the same too. Cheers. 

Thank You.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

My First Football Jersey

I dont play football cause I don't love one. Even in my family, I'm the only one who doesn't care about football like others did until I met the girl in my life. So, I named this jersey with our combination name and the number 1 symbolize for my 1st time winning 1st place during MUDS 2011 last two weeks. Watching football game was my dream since primary school and my father promised to bring the 3 of us (me-2nd and 3rd) to watch football at Shah Alam Stadium but he just too busy with his job. We did understand his situation, working hard to raise our big family.

Nice font, good material with great color *Malaysia* This is my new T90 Nike football jersey and I'll be wearing this during our inter-faculty tournament tomorrow. By the way, I play as a midfielder not a goalkeeper. 

Match between Kedah and Selangor. Kedah won .
I felt less sad maybe because you were around :)

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