Monday, May 31, 2010

Gawai Hols!

The feeling getting deeper whenever time for holiday. I wish she's here picking me up or at least will be waiting there at her home and for sure your will be my first place to visit without doubt dear. Long distance relationship. Sometimes it need a lot of sacrifices. No matter how hard it was, I will hold this to the very end :)

I love you

I was planning to send my Lenovo to the factory but didn't have ample time yet. It can't charge like always and can only use battery as their main power. If only I didn't put my laptop near the window, the rain won't spread to my laptop :( For the time being I am borrowing my room mate's laptop. Hard time for me to update my blog and FB.

Yesterday I took my brother from UM for weekend holiday and asked him to join me and my 4th brother to swim at Pusat Akuatik Shah Alam. Amirul and his brother, Ekhwan joined too. Amirul and I teach our brothers on how to do basic breast stroke and free style. Indeed they were pretty quick in learning all the skills. After 3 hours of training we ate at the cafe nearby before went home to have some BBQ chicken party at house. (Party only with my BIG family) because it was a BIG family so I said it as a PARTY :)

Early this morning my dad woke me up, asked me to look after the van. Quickly have a bath, change and ate up some breakfast before rushed to the workshop with my brother. For 3 hours I got a quick lesson from the repairman about the van engine. It was quite interesting. The repairman showed me one by one from the battery to the engine to the spark plug and coil. Fuhh better be proud to whom now taking mechanical. You all were learning subjects that are very realistic and amazing. 


Thank You.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rajin Day

I woke up early in the morning just to assure myself to have some breakfast before went to physical training. Normally I woke around 630! but this morning was 545 yeahehe :D even my housemate couldn't believe that it is me who woke him up :P

Then I have ample time this evening because of the heavy rain. So everyone were allowed to stay in their room and do their own work (normally it will be sleeping zzZZZzzZZ) but not for me ;) I washed clothes including my drill uniform and shoes and even shine it. I know I know I was not being me :P hehe but yes I'm feeling that my adrenaline was so active today.

It doesn't end there yet, I did some PT with dumb bells and weight leg and did some running around the pavilion plus climb up to the boy hill and ran down with time of

09' 25" 89

Next time I'll do the same activity but with greater record than today.

I am still feeling good with my body fitness and went to the gym to try some extra cross training. I also learn on how to build up shoulder muscle from my friend, Thanks dude!! Then I end up with climb up the stairs instead of using lift to go back to room. Before rest I took some recover Powerbar just to recover all my fatigue muscle that been used for early preparation of tomorrow's activities. That's all I want to share! 

*Baby I love you <3 hihi

Thank You.

Friday, May 14, 2010

One whole week Hols!! (3)


At first we (me and bglang since mirul didn't joint cause he got some job to be done) plan to watch Robin Hood at Wangsa Walk but the time was not suitable as today is Friday and we all muslims have Friday Prayer, plus I need to go home before 7. So since we cant watch movie, we have bfast at Popeye's, yup never heard of it (that's why we try).

Called Amad and Chan to join us 'jalan jalan' and have a bit lunch with Big Boy's famous bun, MEXICAN BUN!!!


Spontaneous Plan, we went to the Putrajaya Extreme Park situated at Persint 5. Great place i should say. Start from the entrance, there is small roundabout and there I can see the x-game (skate, bmx) park and few people playing all over the place. About 30 meters ahead , then we found the wall climbing place. It's in a big building. 

Maybe when you see this picture, you thought it was just not as big as you imagine. Believe me, It's BIG.

"the largest lead competition wall ever built in Asia"

Try la! best =)

Thank You.

Music Genius

Nicely done, she can sing like a group of people singing on her own. The timing she recorded back her own voice and claps was perfect. Excellent Job


Thank You.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

One whole week Hols!!

Not Planning anything. So far just doing all the activities spontaneously.

My holiday started. Abang Alang volunteer to pick me and Amirul at camp. We went to Subang Parade having lunch at McDonald. We all ate the new menu promotion, Double Spicy Chicken McDeluxe Fuhh!!! panjang gile name....

and then we went to Jusco Bukit Raja to buy some movie tickets. Ironman 2 lahh for sure!! hehe

I like the new design of the lamp on on his chest. Haa why is it triangle?!! watch the movie to find out! seriously cool!!

Ohh there's teaser at the end of the Ironman 2 movie but you need to wait the credit to roll all of it, about 5 minutes and then the teaser will appear. Just be patient, relax, sit on the chair, wait for the teaser. Menarik!!

After that we went to I-City Shah Alam, not far from Jusco. The attraction of this place was the tree lamps or lamp trees ? err mane2 la. Have a glace on the pictures. Easier way to describe the place :D
There you can see the trees, all are fake. No roots but bolt screws. 

Mr. Alang, Alang bear and Ain's

Participant of Rombongan Encik Alang

 Then we headed to Wangsa Maju to stole Chan in the middle of midnight just to 'lepak2 borak2' at NZ Wangsa Maju. We called Amad before to join us but apparently he' s out with his friends. All asked for CKT (Char Kue Teow) except Chan pegi tibai Tomyam after settle eating CKT. 'Badan kecik Kontena Besar'.

Surprisingly our UPNM Ironman hero never been to so called uptown or downtown. So we took him to Danau Kota just to fulfill his wish. He's been there but didn't know the name of the place.

* 5 places in one night, Tq Bg Lang. went back home at 5am in the morning. Kene sound ngan parents cause balik lambat sangat :D Sorry~

*Any plan for tomorrow? (which is today) ZZzzZZZzz

Thank You.

Monday, May 3, 2010

After Final

I just finished my final exam last Monday and now I am waiting for my weekend this Saturday as there are some of my batch who didn't finish yet their papers. Amirul ae ni!!

My course mates planned to organize party just to celebrate the end of the final paper sem 4. There will be Dominoes, Nasi Tomato and Cakes. It is tonight. Shah will be helping me with the drinks.


I have 300 ++ pictures in my SE and still didn't transfer any. Nnt ade mood baru upload n masuk kat dalam blog or just wait for tonight pictures and then I might be upload new photos. Relax2 la duluu..

Thank You.