Thursday, November 17, 2011

Powerman Maiden got 11th placing

Alhamdulillah (Thank You God), I got 11th placing, almost Top 10, just 1 minute behind Chan who's in 10th placing. Congratulation to Amirul who manage to get Top 6, proud of you man! I'm so excited when writing this blog. I don't expect anything high but just want to do the best that I can make in my first Powerman. For 2 months I trained, including the MUDS training just for this Powerman. I'm glad it finished with a satisfying result. Thank you to all especially my buddy Chan, Amirul and Amad for always be my greatest inspiration to keep on training and never give up. Not to forget my family, abang Alang, teammates and friends that always wishes for the best before and during the event. Thats all I can share for now.

Thank You.

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