Monday, October 31, 2011

PowerMan To Be

2nd Trial for my Bike Fit.
Taught by Chan Jun Shen.

Less than 2 weeks will going to be my race for Powerman. Today early in the morning, our UPNM club officially started our training and I still haven't plan any training program yet. We just followed like the previous training we did for MUDS but still it need to be centralized.

I'm planning:
Morning - Cycle with 30 minutes session and brick afterwards for 20-30 minutes.
Evening - Running since UPNM track will pack with students jogging around the campus making us hard to cycle along the road.

still need to discuss everything with my teammates. Will do it by this evening.

My running coach from adination Shah Alam, Syahidan Alias post a song, to me a very inspirational songs sang by Bruno Mars - Today My Life Begin.

Bruno Mars is my favorite singer and he sing all songs that he wrote by himself, same like Taylor Swift who also one of my favorite singer. This song has brighten my day. Hope you'll feel the same too. Cheers. 

Thank You.

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